Ramadan Appeal

This Ramadan, we are delivering emergency aid to Syria, Turkey and Palestine

You can feed a family by donating towards a food basket, or a hot meal.  You can also choose to make an orphan happy by gifting them a brand new outfit for Eid.

  • Food Basket

    A food basket contains basic ingredients which could last a family of 5 for the entire month. It contains: Rice, sugar lentils, tomato molasses, jam, sugar, bulgur, tea, oil and butter

  • Iftar (hot meal)

    Iftar is offered to members of displaced, poor and vulnerable families. The meal consists of grilled chicken with rice and potatoes, bread yoghurt and juice.

  • Eid Clothes

    For £30.- we can buy Eid clothes for 3 people. Our main beneficiaries will be orphans.

  • Zakat-ul-fitr / Fitrana

    Your Fitrana will go to orphans, widows and other vulnerable refugees.