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Who we are

Wipe The Tears was set up in 2015 by a group of students from Glasgow. We focus on helping displaced Syrian children and widows by delivering emergency aid and running psychosocial activities and rehabilitation courses in Scotland, Jordan and Turkey and Syria. Wipe the Tears has grown over the course of the years. Our dedicated volunteers passionately organised projects to expand the charity and help people across the world.

Our charity that initially started on a small local scale, has now helped hundreds of thousands of vulnerable war-affected children, widows and refugees.

Our Aims and Objectives

  • To prevent and relieve the poverty faced by displaced children, many of whom have become orphaned.
  • To provide educational resources to allow for the advancement of education and social activities in the region.
  • To promote the advancement of mental health
  • To promote and nurture the advancement of human rights
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Meet Our Volunteers

"I have been volunteering for Wipe the Tears since 2016. I started as a classroom assistant and eventually became one of the trustees. In the past few years, I have had the opportunity to get involved in many activities and projects, including raising funds online and offline, organising events, coordinating international projects and maintaining positive relationships with partner charities overseas. I would have never been able to gain as much experience, confidence and knowledge if I hadn’t decided to become a member of the charity."

Fatima Zahra

"At indulge4charity, we throughly enjoyed working with WTT to raise money for 10 orphan sponsorships in Ramadan 2021. The WTT team are absolutely incredible to work with and were very professional and helpful! Their passion for the work they do is contagious, may they continue to grow and wipe the tears of every child in need."


"I wanted to dedicate and offer my creative skills to a start-up charity that impacts people's lives especially children affected by war. I help with creating creative content such as the WTT website, poster appeals, and banners. Everyone at WTT is very professional and well-mannered and has an interest in helping WTT reach its goals. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to offer their help or skills to a charity, whether you are a full-time student or working professional to contact WTT."


"My involvement with Wipe the Tears began formally in February 2015 when the charity became registered, however informally as a group of volunteers the core team were active in fundraising for this particular cause. Many of us were and are passionate about proactively helping create a change for good and being active in creating opportunities for those most affected by the crisis within Syria. We realised the devastating effect of the Syrian crisis and wanted to alleviate the worries and pain of those suffering due to this."

Core member

Annual Report and Accounts 2020-2021

  • We have provided 500 families in Northern Syria with Hygiene Packs including anti-bacterial cleaning products, sanitisation, masks and personal protective equipment (PPE). We aimed to help reduce the spread of the virus in overcrowded make-shift homes and tents;

  • We managed to feed 200 families in remote camps during Eid-Al-Adha. The Qurbani meat was personally delivered to their doors by volunteers to make sure the families had a hot meal for the day.

  • We reached 14,250 vulnerable families during Ramadan and supported them throughout the month by providing hot meals, food baskets and Zakat. Name of the element

  • We provided emergency aid for orphans, widows and their families in winter. Our volunteers delivered heaters, coal and blankets to flooded tents.

  • We secured two office rooms in Trident House (Paisley) though partnership with local organisations. One room is currently being used as a charity shop to raise extra funds, and the other is currently under construction for social gatherings, charity meetings, fundraising events and training courses.

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