Great Scottish Run

Every child deserves to grow up healthy and happy. Unfortunately, many children affected by war grow up in deprived areas with no access to decent health care, education, or just basic human rights.

Fact: An estimated 153 million children worldwide are orphans according to UNICEF (2022).

My Story

I am dedicating this run to the children who have been through war. The children who have lost their parents. The children who give up their future to provide for their families. The children who deserve better!

All donations will go towards orphan sponsorships. This package includes food, hygiene packs, clothing, heating, shelter, toys, stationery and other equipment for school as well as psychological support. The charity will carry out regular check-ups to ensure the orphans' health and wellbeing are in good condition.

Training schedule
I started training for this run 8 weeks before D-Day. I tried (TRIED) to stick to the training schedule below to complete a sub-2-hour run. The question is: Will I actually complete 21K (13.1 miles) within 2 hours? I guess all we gotta do is wait and see.

Half Marathon Training Plan

I will start the run on George Square at 10:50. The finish line will be at the Glasgow Green. You can find the map on the Great Scottish Run website. Interested in tracking my progress live on the day? Send a request through the contact form at the bottom of this page.