Gaza Emergency Appeal (1)

Medical Aid 4 Gaza

We are raising funds to give hope to the most vulnerable citizens of Gaza. Your donations will allow us to provide medical aid to those who have been injured including children, women and the most vulnerable refugees. Today is the day YOU can make a change.

The people in Gaza area suffering more than ever with 91,000 displaced families, 250+ killed including 66 children & 39 women and with 2000+ injured only within the latest Israeli attack on the Gaza strip that commenced 3 weeks ago.

More than 450 buildings in the Gaza Strip were completely destroyed or damaged by missiles. These included 6 hospitals and a water desalination plant which supplies around 250,000 Palestinians with clean drinking water.

19 health facilities have been damaged including destruction of the Hala Al-Shawa primary healthcare clinic along with food, water, and electricity shortages, the health sector suffers severely from lack of medicines & materials.

Basic services like water, hygiene and sanitation are disrupted due to lack of power where power is only available for 6-8 hours per day as feeder lines and networks are damaged.

Before the latest attack on Gaza Strip these statistics were collected from the UN website
- Over 75% of Gazans are aid recipients.
- About one-third of the items in the essential drug list are out of stock.

With the healthcare sector already struggling for years and is under considerable strain, it has now been further exacerbated by the damage caused and amount of injured Palestinians needing healthcare. As well as by the covid19 pandemic where there was a 20% increase in active cases in April alone.

With your donations, we will be able to provide medical support to those who have been injured

Wipe the Tears is working in partnership with Insan Insa Dernegi (IID), who will be delivering the Medical Aid. IID is a Turkish charity that works in many cities around the world, including Gaza. WTT and IID have been working together for several years to provide support to our brothers and sisters in need.